Monthly Artist Series:

Each month, we commission an original design from a new artist or designer. These products can be purchased in the Shop as they become available.

January 2017:

Hania Bigo

Raised in Detroit and currently based in Chicago, Hania Bigo is an illustrator, designer and self-proclaimed and meme-lord. Her contrast'y, anime-inspired work is equally macabre as it is witty.

instagram: @hania_bigo

February 2017:

Holy Buddy

Joel "Holy Buddy" Kirschenbaum is an art school drop-out and self-described 'Laptop Picasso' from Nevada. As a member of the band Alaska, he's cut his teeth illustrating whimsical tour merch for numerous bands in the DIY emo and punk scenes.

instagram: @yourholybuddy

March 2017:

tinycup needleworks

Britt "Hutch" Hutchinson, an American midwesterner, uses thread as paint or analog pixel to create what she describes as hand embroidery for the high lonesome. Her pin is a direct interpretation of an original hand-embroidered design, digitized and applied to the enamel pin medium.

instagram: @tinycup_

April 2017:

Jess Polanshek

Jess Polanshek is an illustrator from Jericho, VT whose work often incorporates surreal or fantastical imagery. Her art revolves around elements of northern forests and the creatures that inhabit them. Focusing on high detail and loose realism, her art has evolved into an illustrative and whimsical style with a strong focus on the beauty and intricacies of the natural world.

instagram: @polanshek

May 2017:


Mochichito is the moniker for a project created by designer Steph Fung. Currently on the self-initiated task of drawing a "tiny terrarium" every day for 100 days; a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. Steph describes the project as cute, kawaii, & kickass, and we're thrilled to bring one of her terrariums to the physical form.

instagram: @mochichito

June 2017:

Matthew Fleming

Matthew Jay Fleming's hand-drawn, highly colorful penmanship is instantly recognizable within his illustration & design work. Humbly boasting an impressive portfolio, there's a good chance he's designed merch for more than one of your favorite bands; Dave Matthew Band, Explosions in the Sky, Brandi Carlile, and Ray LaMontage--just to name a few. When he's not working there's a good chance he's riding a bicycle somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

instagram: @matthewjay

July 2017:

Joshua Minnich

Hilariously enough, Charlie first met Joshua Minnich in 2008, when they would team up to design layouts for bands on the long defunct website Since that time, Josh has honed his craft into a vintage-inspired style that could be described as both traditional and classic. His love for nature is very distinct within his work; specializing in lettering and logos with eye-catching details.

instagram: @joshuaminnich

August 2017:

M.I.D. Goods

M.I.D. Goods was created in Nashville, TN by husband & wife, Drew & Alicia Binkley; makers of intentional goods & celebrators of stories. They strive to create silkscreened prints & goods that tell a story, a purpose, a strong connection between the people who create them and the people who bring life to them. Cherishing items passed down in their families, from a straw garden hat to heirloom family quilts, they're working hard to create goods that deserve the respect of those who came before us, but fit into the lives we’re living today.

instagram: @midgoods

September 2017:

Lorena G

Lorena G is a Barcelona-based graphic designer and illustrator specializing in attention to detail. She boasts a love for geometrical shapes, and her work displays a clear knack for clean vectors executed in highly-saturated, beautiful color schemes. She's also known to be a expert connoisseur of tuna makis.

instagram: @_lorena_g_

October 2017:

Bad Ponies

Bad Ponies is the artist moniker for Chicago-based illustrator Sarah Bogosh. Her repetitive drawings deal with the burden and beauty of carrying pain, through mostly animal motifs.

instagram: @badponies.illustration

2016 Series:

January 2016:

Burrito Breath

Phil "Burrito Breath" Guy makes art for those bred in the 1980s and 1990s. Inspired by skateboards, comic books, and popular cartoons, his work is both hilarious and original.  Currently in Akron, Ohio after a 5-year stay in San Francisco, we're proud to have him as the first installation in our ongoing artist series.

instagram: @burritobreath

February 2016:

False Luck

Jessica "Skullface" Paoli is a Cleveland-based illustrator and designer. She describes herself as an INFJ Cancerian Slytherclaw Type 4 — a creative introvert focused on her individuality, intuition, and emotion. She established False Luck in 2015 as a playground for physical products to wear and cherish.

instagram: @falseluckshop

March 2016:

Adam Vass

Adam Vass is a self-taught designer and illustrator, whose work is strongly inspired by tattoo flash and comic book imagery. As a touring musician in the band La Dispute, his client network is heavily saturated with in music (bands, record labels, etc), but he also enjoys branding and poster design. When he’s not on the road, you can probably find him watching wrestling somewhere in Michigan.

instagram: @adamvass

April 2016:

Teagan White

Teagan White is a freelance illustrator specializing in intricate drawings of flora and fauna, playful watercolors of animal characters, and illustrated typography. She is very interested in nature's subtle, gentle reciprocity and wild, tragic discord, and combines this inspiration with nostalgic colors, decorative arrangements of organic forms, and meticulous detail. 

Originally from Chicago, Teagan now lives and works in Minnesota.

instagram: @teaganwh

May 2016:

Tim Skirven

Take one look at Tim Skirven's work and its easy to see the man loves what he does. From playful cartoons to structured logos, Skirven's work embodies his fun loving personality. The Richmond based artist is now traveling “indefinitely” around the world with his equally talented wife, Ali Croft, working out of their backpacks for their own practice, Skirven and Croft

instagram: @timskirven

June 2016:

Nicholas Moegly

Nicholas Moegly is a designer, illustrator, and hand-letterer from Cincinnati, OH. Specializing in creating handcrafted designs, everything starts with pencil and paper. He's garnered experience working with people and companies from all over the world – from single-person startups to Fortune 50 companies. In his free-time, you can find him screen-printing goods for his online store, or playing his 1992 Hook pinball machine.

instagram: @nicholasmoegly

July 2016:

Erica Williams

Erica Williams is an illustrator who is known for intricate and detailed illustrations of flora and fauna, as well as custom typography and screen printed posters. In addition to loving nature and animals, her work is also heavily influenced by history, fiber arts, tattoo culture, folklore, fables, and mythology. When she's not drawing, she's probably drinking tea and hanging out with her "Kitterns" in Minneapolis.

instagram: @hookieduke

August 2016:

April Black

April is a designer and illustrator with a love for nature, riding bikes, dogs, music, pop culture and yoga. She believes in a simple approach, with a strong emphasis on illustrated elements. She currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon with 2 dogs, 1 cat and a loving husband. 

instagram: @aprilblackdesign

September 2016:

Frolik Studio

By day, Tessa Kleingeld works as a senior freelance packaging designer in the striking city of Cape Town in South Africa. By night, she works on new ideas for pins, prints and stationery in her cosy home studio. Frolik Studio was born from a passion for beautiful design and a love of putting beautiful things out in the world and having people love them in return. 

instagram: @frolik_studio

October 2016:

Kyler Martz

Kyler Martz is an illustrator and tattoo artist living and working in Seattle, WA. His work is notoriously nautically themed, and heavily inspired by vintage tattoo flash. When he's not tattooing, he dabbles in commercial illustration and has painted murals all across the United States.

instagram: @kylermartz

November 2016:

Brian Steely

Atlanta, GA's Brian Steely has been at the design game for 18 years. He's known for his masterful iconic monoline style. Brian's branding and logos can be found on your favorite band's merchandise, labels for craft breweries, dispensaries, plastered on skate decks, on Nike merchandise, and just about anything else you could imagine.

instagram: @briansteely

December 2016:

Harold Apples

Harold Apples is the artist pseudonym for Nashville-based Adam Moore. He considers himself a nighttime illustrator for projects of all sorts, and spends his days as an Art Director for Lonely Planet.

instagram: @haroldapples